Australian Coastal Safaris MG 1114

Day Tours

See all the best bits all wrapped into one day!

Only have a day in Port Lincoln? Let Australian Coastal Safaris show you all the best bits, including food and wine, aquatic adventures, nature, wildlife and 4WDriving experiences, plus so much more in both Port Lincoln and the surrounding region.


Here at Australian Coastal Safaris, we are constantly on the lookout for making our tours and experiences more unique and special for visitors to our amazing backyard. We decided to enhance our 2 favourite day tours and change things up. Our aim is make you feel like a local and show you what only locals know and why we think this place is exceptional.


Exceptional Port Lincoln, Seafood and Wildlife Tour

Discover why Port Lincoln is more than just exceptional seafood.

Coffin Bay Oysters, Ocean and Nature Tour

The oysters aren’t the only amazing things in Coffin Bay.

Whalers Way Safari Half Day

Experience the Spectacular Whalers Way and feel nature in its rawest form.

Join us for an off-road adventure, experiencing the wild coast & wildlife of the region.

Hunt and Gather Seafood Experience

A day of seafood indulgence.

Alert your senses and taste buds with this full day tour of authentic flavours.

Electric Mountain Bike

Combine wellness, sustainability, a feeling of accomplishment, nature or city sights to make this a truly memorable day.

Cruise Ships On-Shore Tour

Come ashore and enjoy the very Best of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay.