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Our Commitment to Sustainability, Community and Education

Passionate about Sustainability

Australian Coastal Safaris tours extensively through natural pristine habitats and environments all over the Eyre Peninsula. We operate our tours within National Parks, Conservation Parks and protected areas, and our ethos is to ensure that all footprints and practices are sensitive to the environment, enabling the protected areas to remain pristine. To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we not only actually practice this, but we are also certified as a ‘Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business’ and hold a yearly membership with Friends of Southern Eyre Peninsula Parks (who look after the National Parks through revegetation and animal monitoring projects), in an effort to offset our unavoidable emissions. We are also a member of Australian Wildlife Journeys (AWJ) - a group of Australia’s leading independently owned wildlife tourism operators showcasing small-group wildlife encounters within wild habitats, combined with world-class hospitality. To be a member with AWJ, we must provide an assurance for quality interpretative guiding that connects with visitors, encourages self reflection and is respectful of local community values. As an AWJ member, we also commit to provide rich information about different wildlife, and raise the profile of responsible wildlife tourism. Check out AWJ Sustainability Collective Impact Kit.

Waste & Marine Debris

We understand that marine debris is a large issue in marine environments, and we endeavor to protect our beaches and oceans wherever we can - our sustainable practices ensure that we leave no trace whilst on tour, conducting mini beach clean ups on any beach tours, using a three-bin waste system, and reducing our waste output whilst recycling as much as possible. On all tours, reusable crockery is used, guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles for refilling, and we prepare and transport all food in reusable containers.

Greenhouse Gasses

We have recently added a ‘green touring’ option with Electric Mountain Bikes, which also broadens the tour experiences and options available. The Electric Mountain Bikes (EMB) provide an option for a lower Greenhouse Gas emission tour, and allow for an active eco-version of sightseeing. This is great for seeing the natural environment and local town, while being active and enjoying the surrounds without looking through a window. We are working to offset our vehicle emissions by contributing annually to local tree planting projects in and around the local National Parks.

Animal Wellbeing

We provide adventure and wildlife tours that include, at times, getting within close proximity of species that may be endangered and threatened. Therefore, the health and wellbeing of the animals is essential, and we ensure all guides are trained in all expectations and guidelines when it comes to animal interaction. We never feed any of the animals, and ensure that our guests do the same. If we ever come across a stranded or injured animal or notice any unusual animal behavior, we will report this to the authorities who will assist the animal (and record any information necessary) in any way they can. On each tour, and as part of guests’ involvement, we record sightings of local wildlife including any rare and endangered animals via iNaturalist, a global animal database, and inform the local Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board.

Slow Travel

Rather than travelling with the usual ‘bucket list’ or ‘10 cities in 5 days’ idea, Slow Travel emphasises an experiential based approach to travel with connection and immersion into local culture, people, food and place. Due to the nature of slow travel typically requiring less consumption (transport, meaningless spending), it provides more time to make decisions and care about the region you are visiting and tends to be a more sustainable way to travel. Moving from a less ‘luxury’ and consumerist way of travelling, towards a focus on more purposeful experiences and meaningful moments instead.

Working together with Community

We are an independently owned and operated local business, and feel a deep responsibility and commitment to support our community, but not only that we are locals and our connection is personal, knowing and living within this amazing community. We source locally produced and grown food, especially our range of seafood & land-based products, our locally produced beverages, such as our local wine, gin & juice producers. We visit and experience local small business operators and providers in all our tours. We love involving our guests in exceptional experiences with these locals and offer opportunities from mini tours to seeing 'behind the scenes' in local workshops, factories and locals in their own homes. Because we buy, operate and use at least 90% local and SA producers, this also keeps transport emissions down whilst supporting local business.

A small snapshot of some of our partnerships within our community: Tour Operators - Experience Coffin Bay, Gawler Ranges Safaris, Baird Bay Eco Tours; Wellness Collectives -Oceanside Health & Wellness, Yana Warna by Warami, Yarnbala, Sarah Hayes Yoga; Seafood Producers - Myers Seafood, Fresh Fish Place; Local Beverage Producers - Boston Bay Coffee, Boston Bay Wines, Coffin Bay Gin; Local Artists and Creators - Ken Martin, Susie Betts.

Responsible & Inspirational Education

To inspire our guests in conservation awareness and action, this heavily rely on education, discussion and interpretive materials. We are passionate about discussing our region with guests and providing information on our website blogs and social media platforms. We are in a unique position to observe our wildlife and environments on a daily basis – therefore we record any species sightings of significance for research and monitoring purposes, both with global programs and local programs. This ensures that each time we interact with animals and enter their environment, we not only are providing a life experience for our guests to encourage conservation and awareness, but we are also gaining valuable knowledge. We also include a wealth of information about the history of the area, the seafood industry, and anything else that makes this region so unique and spectacular. All guides must have a high level of knowledge to lead tours - enough to educate, inspire, and promote the beauty and uniqueness of all of the places that we visit.


This is our commitment, and we encourage you to help us achieve and succeed with our strategies and ethos of sustainability, community and education, by;

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle (we will always have water to refill it)
  • Leave only footprints behind (we provide waste disposal and recycling always)
  • Only approach animals with supervision of a guide, and keep a distance of 5 meters or more between yourself and the animal.
  • Participate in our Citizen Science project by recording any wildlife sightings on tour with us.
  • Share about us with others, so they can support sustainable tourism and business too!
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