Slow Travel on the Eyre Peninsula

Slow Travel on the Eyre Peninsula

With an increasing pace of society, towering workloads, never-ending stress and daily life pressures - slowing down and tending to our bodies and minds, is the medicine that we all need a LOT more of. Of course we can start to (try to) slow down in our daily lives and work places, but has anyone ever tried slow travel?

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What is Slow Travel?

Slow Travel, is travel that emphasises connection and immersion into local culture, people, food, and place - an experiences based approach to travel, rather than a ‘bucket list’ or ‘10 cities in 5 days’ kinda thing. There's no pressure to ‘see everything’, but rather more time and energy to relax and enjoy. It’s about savoring, rather than ticking it off.

Slow travel could be; 

  • physically moving slowly - place to place, or activity to activity - allowing time for pause and rest in between. Or staying in the same place the entire time.
  • choosing sustainable and ethical options and companies for touring
  • eating locally grown and produced food and drink
  • opting for ‘do it yourself’ activities if you have more time and would prefer to make your own decisions about where you go and what you invest your money in.
  • also known as - mindful travel, sustainable tourism, or low-impact travel.

What Slow Travel is NOT...

The general pace of life insists that we cram ’more’ into our lives and houses, and also into our travel (and generally, faster paced travel too). So - let's get clear on what slow travel is NOT...

  • Slow travel is not rushing from place to place to snap a photo and post on social media that you’ve ‘been there’ (you don’t want to get to the end of your holiday…and realise that you were so rushed or distracted that you need a holiday from your holiday!). 
  • Slow travel is not visiting a new country and eating at McDonalds (while missing out on all of the local cuisine and foods, and supporting local restaurants and eateries).
  • Slow travel is not necessarily moving at a snails pace either - you can still do things and see things and get the maccas burger (if you really have to..), but at your own pace, without the need to cram it all in and forget the pauses and relax time in-between.


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The Benefits of Slow Travel

Due to the nature of slow travel typically requiring less consumption (ie. of transport, and meaningless spending) and more time to make decisions about what you are to spend your money on - it tends to be a more sustainable way to travel. Moving from a less ‘luxury’ and consumerist way of travelling, towards a focus on more purposeful experiences and meaningful moments instead. 

The benefits of slow travel;

  • Probably the most obvious one - you won’t come home needing a vacation from your vacation!
  • Sustainability and supporting local business - due to generally moving around less, you will spend your money more within local restaurants, with local guides and companies, and stay locally. You'll also save on greenhouse gas emissions when you choose to move slower and explore closer.
  • Save money being more mindful about your spending and consumption.
  • Connecting with and getting to know the locals (and the best spots around town!) and learn the local language (or…the local slang!). 
  • More opportunity to get a feel for the culture, and the local ‘way of life’.
  • Applicable to any schedule - any length of time and destination can be made 'slow travel' - 1 day outing, 1 night stay etc. (See our mini-getaway packages).

Slow Travel and your Wellbeing

A note from Sarah, our wellness guru - the benefits of slow travel on your wellbeing;

  • Slowing down physically can allow the body to rest and reset. The nervous system can start to regulate and the pace of your body can slow (breath and blood pressure!).
  • Slowing down mentally can leave more space for reflection, daydreaming and creativity. When you are less 'occupied', your mind has more opportunity to switch into 'default' mode - allowing it to process, make connections and integrate everything you've learned or experienced over the past while.
  • Due to having more time and space to make decisions - you will be able to focus more on making good food choices, and will be able to notice what the body needs (rather than sticking to a busy schedule, getting it all done, and not listening to your body when it is asking for rest or better nourishment etc).
  • Everything becomes more intentional, more present, more conscious, more immersive. You will go home feeling like you've truly experienced and integrated everything possible (instead of just 'seeing it' if you know what I mean...). Your holiday becomes a whole mindfulness practice!
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Slow Travel with Us!

Every tour that we run is 'slow travel' - we do the work for you, so you can sit back and relax. Here are a few other ways we help you to travel slowly and consciously...

  • We choose the most ethical and sustainable ways to showcase the best of the best down here on the Eyre Peninsula. 
  • We collaborate with local suppliers, producers and businesses - so you're guaranteed fresh local food and wine, and local expertise.
  • Instead of cramming 20 things 'to see and do' into one day - we choose a handful of the best, and allow you to become immersed.

You can also choose a tour or travel style that specifically speaks to the slow travel ethos...


Not looking to outsource? How to DIY Slow Travel...

  • Stay active! Biking and walking tours instead of bus tours.
  • Stay local - settle down in one place, rest your body, and fully reset!
  • Allow space in your day for ‘nothing’. You might fill this space with reading, laying by the pool, or spending a few hours in a cafe pondering life over a coffee. 
  • If you have more time - break up activity days with rest days. Maybe on a rest day you venture to a local yoga studio, or go to a local fresh foods market to purchase locally grown produce. 
  • Eat local - opt for the local ‘hole in the wall’ eatery or small cafes where all the locals go, instead of big chain restaurants.


Let us know how you go - we'd love to hear your suggestions too!

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