Photo Credit: Calypso Star Charters

Sea Creatures

A region surrounded by ocean and truly diverse sea creatures

The only place in Australia you can dive with the Great White Sharks, then swim with the bewitching Australian Sealions, exquisite Dolphins and get close to the majestic Whales that visit the Great Australian Bight.

Australian Coastal Safaris Port Lincoln Underwater Weekend Adventure 8

Bucket lists are covered if you want aquatic interaction of the best kind. Want a great escape that's thrilling - try the Great White Shark. The best thing to do in a wetsuit - fun and playful Australian Sealions. Stunning and smooth - then dolphins are for you. Or can't go pass the awe-inspiring and monumental whales of the Great Australian Bight. Why not combine this with all our native wildlife and spectacular attractions on the Eyre Peninsula.


Port Lincoln Underwater Weekend Adventure

An underwater adventure like no other.

Wildlife & Ocean Encounter

Adventure and excitement in the water and out in some of the most beautiful places in South Australia.

Winter Whale Watching & Wildlife Encounter

Your opportunity to view majestic southern right and humpback whales.

Great White Sharks & Exceptional Port Lincoln OR Coffin Bay

Want a great escape that's thrilling and takes in the best of the region

We had the best time in Port Lincoln with Aus Coastal Safaris! Excellent service, very educative, great itinerary, amazing & knowledgeable host that took us to awesome places in Pt Lincoln. This company deserves 5 stars, or even more! It was our second time at Pt Lincoln and now we know so much more about this wonderful place! Highly recommend this company, keep up the great work 🙂
Ayu, Australia