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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some commonly asked questions to give you more information about the tours and services we offer. If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, please send us a message via our contact form.

What are Signature Experiences of Australia?

We are honoured and proud to be part of two Signature Experiences of Australia: Australian Wildlife Journeys, and Great Fishing Adventures of Australia. These Signature Experiences showcase the best quality and most outstanding experiences across the country as recognised through Tourism Australia.

Australian Wildlife Journeys members are chosen for their commitment to authentic and sustainable encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats. Great Fishing Adventures of Australia endorse sustainable fishing practices and we are the only South Australian operator currently involved in this program.

Are all your guides really locals?

Yes. All our guides have either been born on the Eyre Peninsula or grew up here. Our local knowledge is something we pride ourselves on, along with our friendly, outgoing attitude and unparalleled service. To give you an idea, one of our guides is a locally-born farmer, whose backyard featured his own private beach and coastline. Another guide manages his own organic vineyard and is actively involved in the biodiversity of the region, while another comes from a long line of fisherman in Port Lincoln. We also have a guide with more than a passing interest in the local wildlife (particularly birds of the region) and is also a respected professional photographer..

In fact, everything is locally-driven with our tours, not just our guides. We also aim to bring our clients local products such as seafood and local meats, local wines and locally-brewed boutique beer, which only adds to your experience.

What does a small group tour mean?

Nearly all our tours are small group tours, ranging from two to six guests. This ensures the overall experience is totally about on you with many opportunities to interact, ask questions and be entertained. It makes the experience bespoke, personal and flexible. What we want you to gain is a valuable and memorable experience that makes you want to come back and experience more. We are passionate and love our region, and the best way to showcase what we have, is in a small group tour/s.

What transport do you use?

We have two luxury Toyota Landcruisers VX 4WD, with a maximum capacity of six passengers or from seven to 24 passengers we can take you touring and experiencing in our Mitsubishi Rosa Deluxe coach (preferable 21 max in our coach).

Do you have minimum numbers for your tours?

Yes. Most tours have a minimum of two. Fishing tours have a minimum of four. Saying that though, we can usually sort something out for you if your tour has not met minimum numbers. If tours are private, then no minimum is required. So if it’s just you, and you want the whole tour for yourself, we are happy to provide.

Can I mix and match and come up with my own tour, with exactly what I want to do?

Yes. We thrive and specialise on coming up with the best options and ideas to put together your own tailor-made tour. It can range from one day right through to ten days (more if need). To custom design your own tour, this becomes a private tour and can be from one person to 21 persons. Most of our private tours are small group tours ranging from one or two people to six guests. Anything is possible, and we pride ourselves on representing our region and promoting our unique part of the country around the world.

What is the difference between Shared Tour and a Private Tour?

Shared Tours is where you will be touring with other like-minded people and enjoying the experience together. This is great for anyone that loves meeting other people and sharing the day making new friends. We have put together some great one-day tours and packages for just this occasion — some are on request and others depart on scheduled days.

Private Touring generally applies to our custom-designed and tailor-made packages, personalised to exactly what you want to do. We design the day or days by discussing with you what it is that you are interested in and want to experience while you are in Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay and the wider region. You can mix and match anything we offer and lots more, this is where we get really excited in helping you build your tour into something memorable and totally special.

I want to go on the Hook & Sinker Fishing, do you have minimum numbers for this tour?

Yes, we do have minimum numbers for our fishing tours and this is generally four passengers/fishing experts! This is relevant as our partner and Fishing Charter Operator has minimum numbers. Although, if you have less than the four passengers needed, we will try and find someone else to share the tour with you — we always provide options to suit your needs.

To get the children price, how old can they be?

Most of our tours accept children. From four to 15 years of age, they can get the child rate, and if under four, they are free. Some tours are not suitable for young children such as the Underwater Weekend Adventure, where we suggest children be at least Five-years old (and generally it is up to the skipper of the vessel, whether they can get in the water or not).

I’m going fishing, do I need to bring anything?

No, everything is supplied — bait, good quality tackle and fishing gear, even lunch and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do I have to pay for anything on the tour?

The only thing you may want to pay for is, if you decide you want an alcoholic drink at lunch time (only if dining out), but generally we happily offer local wines or locally brewed beer as part of our tours. Everything else is included such as lunches (usually gourmet or seafood), morning or afternoon tea/snacks, local platters, selected local wine & beverages, all entrance fees, all activity fees and specialised tours on the day, luxury transport, pick up and drop off (pick up and drop off can be arranged for airport transfer on day of tour/s, unless otherwise specified). No hidden extras!

What beverages or drinks are included in the tour?

We provide water, generally black tea, herbal options, and coffee (locally roasted). Some tours also offer selected local wines and/or locally brewed beer & soft drinks.

I have specific dietary requirements, can you cater for this?

Yes we can. If you have any specific dietary requirements or concerns let us know and we will provide alternative options and go out of our way to accommodate your needs.

What if I don’t like seafood?

Easy. We are happy to discuss with you your food preferences and will cater for your needs wherever we can.