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Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

Part of Tourism Australia Signature Experiences, Great Fishing Adventures of Australia is a group of leading independently owned fishing tourism operators with a strong focus on sustainable fishing practices.

Australia is an angler’s paradise. A massive island with a sparse population, our coastline stretches nearly 60,000 kilometres (over 30,000 miles) and is surrounded by warm, clean, lightly-fished seas. Not surprisingly, the richness and diversity of Australia’s fish life is nothing short of mind-boggling with nearly 4,000 marine species (we’re still counting!), many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Port Lincoln is the seafood capital of Australia and for very good reason with a mecca of fantastic fishing species to target and tick off the list. Our professional charters include something for everyone with deep sea sports fishing, reef fishing, inshore fishing for the delicate table fish and also beach fishing for the big Australian Salmon.

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Why Southern Eyre Peninsula

The pristine waters of the Southern Ocean which surround the coastline of Port Lincoln & Coffin Bay on the magnificent Eyre Peninsula, are relatively untouched which makes for some amazing fishing adventures for all.

Offering small groups of 4-6 private charters, we can target many different fish species and a lot of these are native to the region. You can be out deep muscling in Southern Bluefin Tuna, Yellow Tail Kingfish or Samson Fish with screaming reels to the prized table fish of King George Whiting, Flathead, Garfish and Trevally in the shallows.

In between there is plenty of action on the reefs with big Red Snapper, Blue Morwong, Nannagai & Blue Groper and then to mix it right up, going land base and 4WD only to fish for the fighting Australian Salmon, famous for their long hard runs and acrobatics on some of Australia’s most stunning and untouched beaches.