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The Team

lunch leaning against the car

David ‘Lunch’ Doudle

Most know our charismatic leader as 'Lunch', who started Australian Coastal Safaris as 'Goin’ Off Safaris' in 2005. He continues to be the driving force behind the newly renamed business. Lunch’s contagious passion for exploring the breathtaking coastline, showing off our amazing seafood, reeling in that fish, iconic wildlife and highlighting our backyard is just something he loves doing and it’s this commitment and dedication he brings to all who visit the region.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Clutters

Pete ‘Clutters’ Clutterbuck

With a passion for the outdoors from an early age, Peter has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of flora and fauna across the Eyre Peninsula region and beyond. Many know Peter as a teacher over the last 30-years, but he also manages a small organic vineyard in the Big Swamp area. He has been actively involved in the biodiversity of the local area and still continues to do so. He loves showing off this fantastic region and all it has to offer.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Fran

Fran Solly

Fran is one of the Eyre Peninsula’s keenest birdwatchers, venturing out to discover the incredible diversity of over 270 species in the region. Her vast experience has come about over 30-years of birdwatching, and this has made her an expert in tracking and identifying species through bird calls. Fran’s alternative passion is her photography. A professional photographer, Fran started her journey as a bird photographer to document the Birds of Southern Eyre Peninsula. A selection of Fran’s photographs can be found in the recently updated Birds of Southern Eyre Peninsula Field Guide and on Flickr.

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Sarah Hayes

Sarah is a melting pot of yoga, wellness, science and ecology - our yoga & wellness guru. Her knowledge, guidance and passion for ecology and environmental education are a perfect attribute for any experiential touring.  With a passion for the environment, and 'knowing as much as possible' - she gained herself a BSc (Honours) in Animals Behaviour and BBSc in Psychology in Adelaide, before making her way into tourism here on the Eyre Peninsula in 2016. After a few years in science research, gallivanting around the globe researching monkeys, bees, and managing field expeditions, she found her true life passion in educating and inspiring people to rediscover their own connections with the natural planet.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Renae

Renae Blackshaw

With over 30 years involvement in the tourism industry, Renae can turn her hand to many different roles and duties within Australian Coastal Safaris. She loves designing awesome itineraries for clients who want that special touch and is happy to go out of her way to find the right need to fit the want. Alternately, you may even see her out and about on tour, especially an electric mountain bike tour. Anything to do with tourism or travel is right up her alley and, as an experienced world traveller for 35 odd years, she knows what clients want and their needs.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Mandy

Mandy Drummond

Mandy, is the multi-tasking magician whose strengths lie in her participation and behind-the-scenes action. If you need gourmet food, she prepares, whips-up and ensures you enjoy the fruits of the seafood capital of Australia. Her taste and experience comes from years of travelling. Mandys’ other job is working with aboriginal youth, which benefits Australian Coastal Safaris in understanding the cultural and indigenous aspects of the region.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Robyn 2

Robyn Drummond

Robyn has been involved in hospitality, retail, tourism for many years (let’s not count), but what we love to see is when she experiments and uses her imagination and turns out amazing food for our in-house dinners, on the road lunches and everything in between. She’s your personal cook if you so desire and loves to make sure what you get is of the best quality.

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Captain Fred

Captain Fred

‘Captain’ to those who know and want to know. Fred has experienced first-hand the evolution of the seafood trade and our prominent seafood industries over the last 40-odd years, his knowledge on Port Lincoln’s famous Southern Bluefin Tuna industry comes only from experience, plus he loves to tell a good tale, yarn and story about the hardships, misfortunes and successes of our local characters. Fred spends his time cruising around the Lincoln Marina in his electric canal boat or off on the seas transferring sail boats from one place to another. What a life!

Australian Coastal Safaris Our Staff Lee

Qian (Lee)

Lee was born in Henan province in China and immigrated to Port Lincoln in 2011. We have been lucky enough to have had Lee with us since 2015, as our translator/interpreter and what she enjoys most is the challenge of helping Chinese visitors get intimately acquainted with the amazing attractions in Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay and anywhere our clients want to go. Due to her passions for wildlife, the outdoors and photography, this works extremely well with our adventures and experiences that we offer.