Meet the team: Sarah

Meet the Team ~ Sarah ~ Wellness Guide

Your role within Australian Coastal Safaris and your background

I am the Wellness Guide. They like to call me their wellness guru. As well as guiding the tours, I also assist in the wellness tour development and planning stages.

My background encompasses;

5 years in marine ecotourism as guide leader and educator, scientist, and assisting in staff training and education.

6 years in science and research both at university level and internationally in the field managing and leading research projects and expeditions. Madagascar, Fiji, Paraguay, Panama, Australia, Borneo...

8 years in the wellness space as a yoga practitioner and currently 2 years as a yoga teacher...and counting!

Sarah with tour guests
Sarah with tour guests before a walk

Why do you guide? 

After spending some time in science and research, I’d finally published a few research projects that I’d been working on and was ready for a summer to switch off my analytical science brain for a while and work outdoors away from labs and computers - which landed me in marine ecotourism here in Port Lincoln. After what was supposed to be a summer of working on the ocean and enjoying the epic coastline down here on the Lower Eyre Peninsula - I just never left. I discovered that the conversations and experiences I am having and facilitating with and for people every day on the boat are more immediately impactful, than any of my research and environmental work I’ve ever done before.

The experiences that I can provide and facilitate for others to immerse in the natural environment and connect with the local wildlife and habitats, cultivates a sense of stewardship in them, for the earth, that no amount of ‘research’ could ever encourage. Getting people into nature, showing them the beauty and epicness of the planet we live on, and helping them to understand this world and what they’re experiencing, is where it’s at for me. It’s my small act of preserving this planet for many generations to come. Each one conversation as a drop in the ocean, 1000x times over. 

Side note: of course published papers in journals are extremely useful and can further the work in that field, but it can be quite un-satisfying seeing all of your work just sit in a journal that isn’t even freely accessible (or readable) for the broader public. Also, finding funding for projects to happen is one thing, let alone finding more funding then to transform your data into conservation projects and science education afterwards. Another whole project in itself.

How does wellness and tour guiding come together?

Think about it - being in nature makes you feel good, grounded and connected (or, you didn’t even realise it, but it is) - nature is scientifically proven to be beneficial to body and mind health. Nature provides a soft focus environment for the body to access states of rest and balance, without really having to 'do' much.

Wellbeing is a sense of feeling ‘well’ or good in your body, mind and soul. So - being outdoors in nature is a wellness modality in itself.

Yoga provides mindful approaches to moving, breathing, and thinking, that enable us to access a quiet mind, an inward gaze, an outward clarity, and a clean slate to find groundedness and connection with ourselves, and the environment around us. Now, combine yoga with the outdoors (we actually do that…) and you’ve got a double dose of health and wellness. Perfecto.

Sarah bush walking
Sarah on Sandhills

When you’re not guiding tours, what are you doing?

In the Lincoln National Park walking the trails, nature gazing, and sipping on mugs of cacao. And when I’m not doing that, I’m teaching and studying - being a yoga and breath teacher requires that you be dedicated, educated, and passionate. Without any of those things, I’m just some random telling you to move and make shapes with your body, without all of the substance and magic behind it. And...when I’m not doing that, I’m working behind the scenes on my own yoga business making more magic for more people, and answering emails etc etc etc. 

What’s your favourite place to go on the Lower Eyre Peninsula?

The bottom southern tip of the Lincoln National Park holds a special place in my heart. When I was working on the tour boats out of Port Lincoln, we would always steam past the southern tip on our way out to the islands for snorkelling or diving tours, and it was just the most beautifully raw and powerful landscape - gorgeous beaches, treacherous cliff edges with crashing powerful waves, and untouched bushland and coast for as far as my eye could see. Now, being on dry land a bit more these days, I am exploring the southern tip by foot and 4 wheels. It’s a whole other world down there. And you know what - you can see it too on some of our tours!

Lincoln National Park coastline from a boat
4WD in Wanna sandunes

Top tip for travellers visiting this region

Get something on wheels and see the coast and national parks. Our beaches are lined with white sand and aqua blue waters - with usually barely another human in sight. The national parks have endless trails, and quite a large amount of native bushland perfect for camping amongst and enjoying the sounds of tranquil quietude. But, if you’re limited on time, and limited on local knowledge, AND you want to see the best bits - a tour is the way to go. To make it a bit more active, you could always hire an electric mountain bike. Lots of trails in, around and out of town!


Join Sarah on tour

You can Join Sarah on tour for one of our Health and Wellness Weekend Retreats here in Port Lincoln. Enjoy a weekend outdoors in nature; mindful nature walks, culture and story with a First Nations Healer, yoga in the trees with koalas, electric mountain bike rides in the park, breathing workshops, and of course - lots of seafood and delicious indulgences to balance out all the goodness. Its a multi-sensory experience!

Stay in our Beach House, and book Sarah for your own private yoga class or DIY retreat. The Health and Wellness Weekender retreat is also available for private group bookings, just get in contact with us to organise a date.


Give the gift of wellness

Gift vouchers are available for purchase - you could gift a wellness experience to a loved one, colleague or friend.