What is health and wellness in Port Lincoln?

What is Health and Wellness in Port Lincoln?

Many often wonder what the difference is between health and wellness. Aren’t they the same thing? And, what makes Port Lincoln the best location for your next health and wellness weekend?! Over the past few months we have been busily brainstorming and mapping out your next exploration of health and wellness, here in the coastal areas of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay. But first, how do we even define these commonly used terms?

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What is the difference between health and wellness?

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. But if it’s just you and me talkin’ here then I’ll let you in on my versions of health and wellness, and a little about wellbeing too.

  • Health: the easiest way to define health is by relating it to the physical aspects of your physical body - digestive health, muscle health and strength, neurological health etc. Your bodies ability to function and carry out its natural processes. This is also relative - you may have a disorder of some sort, but still be a healthy functioning human being! Other definitions include social and environmental health as well, and health not just being the abscence of disease or illness (for example, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).
  • Wellness: wellness is the journey (rather than the destination) towards combined body, mind and soul health. This includes the choices and decisions that one makes, towards positive and optimum lifestyles and wellbeing. For example, attending health and wellness events, eating healthily and excercising. You can find more about wellness on the Global Wellness Institute website
  • Wellbeing: the current state (not the journey towards) of your overall body, mind and soul health. Includes physiological aspects, but also psycho spiritual aspects too. For example - you probably won’t feel 100% with strong healthy muscles, and at the same time - depression or feelings of loneliness. The spiritual and mental health aspects are just as important as physiological health. The Better Health Channel provides a longer list of factors that can influence wellbeing. 

So, why is Port Lincoln perfect for your next health and wellness weekend?

Why Port Lincoln? How health and wellness?

Nature has long been a form of therapy and medicine for our bodies, minds, and souls. Afterall, we evolved IN nature, we came FROM nature, and we ARE nature. Our bodies are made of the same thing that everything else is made of - and reconnecting back to the nature that we are inherently a part of, is medicine to our bodies, minds and souls.

In and around Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay, we have hundreds of kilometers of rugged raw coastline, white sandy beaches, aqua blue waters, native Australian animals and bushland, horizons as far as the eye can see, fresh seafood options for days, trails for biking and hiking - and quite often, you'll be the only one out, with the whole beach or trail to yourself. Peace, privacy, and tranquility.

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Nature as therapy

Nature therapy is often referred to as eco therapy, green therapy, or nature-based therapy - and has a lot of scientific backing. I won't bore you with the gritty details, but here's a quick run down…

Being in nature can;

  • Boost immunity
  • Decrease cortisol levels
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Improve mood
  • Increase cognitive performance
  • ...need I say more...?!

As well as all the nature and outdoors time, Port Lincoln and surrounds also boasts some epic local wineries and coffee roasteries, cafes and restaurants, gyms and yoga studios, and of course, specialised guides and yoga facilitators to lead you along the way.

While on your weekend-retreat with us, you’ll experience yoga classes, nature immersions, earth walks, breath workshops, yarning and learning with a First Nations Healer. You’ll indulge in fresh oysters straight from the ocean, immerse yourself in amazing wildlife and natural surrounds, and get the heart rate up with Electric Mountain Bikes on the endless trails of the Coffin Bay area. This is your health and wellness weekend away, right here on the Lower Eyre Peninsula - a chance for you to soothe your soul, nourish your senses, and refresh your body and mind. 

Why is this health and wellness weekend any different to the other retreats?

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This health and wellness weekend is different from any other 'retreat' you'll see. A true highlight and unique aspect of our Health and Wellness Weekender retreat is spending time with Wyarta - a First Nations Healer. Wyarta is an indigenous woman who has special healing powers from her ancient indigenous lineages. This video, and an ABC news article on Ngangkari working in SA hospitals, gives a little more insight into traditional healers (known as Ngangkari). 

So - forget day spas and detoxes (although, still amazing they are), think adventure, fun, and nature. Lots of nature. Forget stay-cations or online retreat-from-home programs, get out into regional South Australia to the remote epic coastlines and National Parks of Port Lincoln and Coffin BayThis Health and Wellness Weekender retreat is for you, our focus is you, our environment and ‘yoga studio’ is nature, and the intention is ‘connection’. Connection to yourself (mind, body + soul), to nature, to culture, to community, and to indulging in the freshest of seafood available to you (hello healthy omega 3s!). This is the perfect chance to rediscover your connections, nourish yourself, boost your overall sense of wellbeing, and step into the new year strong, motivated and inspired. We are here to empower and inspire you to live well both inside and out. 

A final note from me, your Health and Wellness Weekender guide...

Getting out into nature is one of the easiest and best ways you can bring wellness into your day, and wellbeing into your life. Simply by getting out on a nature trail, going to your local park, or visiting the beach, you can begin to unravel the chaotic effects of our current stressful society from the body, mind, and soul. Although, sometimes the whole concept of 'mindfulness', and 'being in nature' for 'wellness purposes', takes a little more than just rocking up and going for a power walk. Being guided in a way that allows you to reconnect first with your own body and self, allows you to more easefully connect with that which is outside of you - both community and the environment. Sometimes I gotta do some yoga, or something active and engaged to get my mind out of the anxious spiral and my body back online - to only then be able to find a connection with something outside of myself. So, let me help you, reconnect within, to reconnect without. As within, so without. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, exhale.

I hope to see you soon, on retreat with us!


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Not into Health and Wellness, but Port Lincoln or Coffin Bay are still on your list...

Still want all the nature, seafood, and outdoors fun, just without the wellness angle? You can join us on tour, for full day or half day experiences of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay - whether its seafood and wine, or nature and wildlife. It's all here for you to explore!

You can also gift this experience to a loved one or colleague!