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A Land Less Ordinary – JRNY Travel Magazine

Karen Edwards gets to know the local South Australian people making small small-scale tourism a big success Karen Edwards is a freelance writer who as an honorary resident through her husband’s roots in SA, has had the privilege of exploring many of SA’s lesser-known gems. What stands out for her is how these hidden treasures…

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Australian Coastal Safaris Wellness Weekender

A journey of profound connection and mindfulness. The Lower Eyre Peninsula, with its unspoiled natural beauty, sets the stage for a truly unique and transformative experience with Australian Coastal Safaris’ Health & Wellness Weekender Tour. As you embark on this two-day adventure, you’ll find yourself immersed in the splendour of the great outdoors, guided by…

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beach picnic

Slow Travel on the Eyre Peninsula

Slow Travel on the Eyre Peninsula With an increasing pace of society, towering workloads, never-ending stress and daily life pressures – slowing down and tending to our bodies and minds, is the medicine that we all need a LOT more of. Of course we can start to (try to) slow down in our daily lives…

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Port Lincoln on the Global Map for Wellness Tourism

Port Lincoln on the Global Map for Wellness Tourism Port Lincoln Health and Wellness Weekender Over the past month our Health & Wellness Weekender has been doing the rounds! Featured in two large publications and listings – positioned amongst the likes of Dominican Republic and the Maldives, and the wellness experiences of Australia. We are…

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Sarah on a boat

Meet the team: Sarah

Meet the Team ~ Sarah ~ Wellness Guide Your role within Australian Coastal Safaris and your background I am the Wellness Guide. They like to call me their wellness guru. As well as guiding the tours, I also assist in the wellness tour development and planning stages. My background encompasses; 5 years in marine ecotourism…

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What is health and wellness in Port Lincoln?

What is Health and Wellness in Port Lincoln? Many often wonder what the difference is between health and wellness. Aren’t they the same thing? And, what makes Port Lincoln the best location for your next health and wellness weekend?! Over the past few months we have been busily brainstorming and mapping out your next exploration…

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