Port Lincoln on the Global Map for Wellness Tourism

Port Lincoln on the Global Map for Wellness Tourism

Port Lincoln Health and Wellness Weekender

Over the past month our Health & Wellness Weekender has been doing the rounds! Featured in two large publications and listings - positioned amongst the likes of Dominican Republic and the Maldives, and the wellness experiences of Australia. We are so excited to have brought a taste of Health & Wellness to the Lower Eyre Peninsula and to continue to facilitate slow travel in the best way we know possible.

As well as these big features and listings, our membership with Australian Wildlife Journeys also places us amongst an amazing collaboration with the likes of 11 other sustainable and ethical tour operators across Australia, positioned to bring you the best of the best, of the Eyre Peninsula - with a hint of health, wellness and slow travel, always.

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Global Health and Wellness

Our fave excerpts from Thrillist - a global travel website;

"For the true beginner wondering how to dip a toe into transformational retreats without diving into the deep end, the Australia Coastal Safaris Health & Wellness Weekender in South Australia is the answer. As Sarah Hayes, an ecologist, yoga instructor, and Wellness Weekender facilitator says, “It’s accessible for the everyday adventurer looking for a wellness experience without all of the ‘fluff.'”

The two-day itinerary provides a holistic retreat that invites participants to better understand interconnectedness through the activities-without the lingo-learning curve...

...Skipping the deeper academic discussions doesn’t mean skimping on transformational possibilities and opportunities to immerse in Indigenous knowledge. “Deeper spiritual and energy explorations weave their way in when we spend time with a Nangkari (a First Nations healer),” Hayes explains. “A Nangkari is someone who cares for peoples’ physical and emotional health-kind of like a doctor/psychologist. They are often called medicine women or medicine men. The Nangkari that we work with speaks on her experiences and work with the spiritual and energetic realms, but keeps it simple enough to understand.”

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Regional Health and Wellness

A little from the national Well Traveller listing to wet your appetite;

"The beautiful Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia, has an abundance of spectacular untouched natural landscapes, close connections to native Australian wildlife, and opportunities to feast on the freshest seafood and local produce. It provides the perfect setting for this two-day Health and Wellness Weekender.

This small group experience was designed to empower and inspire you to live well both inside and out. Hosted by Sarah Hayes, it offers yoga and mindfulness practice, earth walks, breath workshops, yarning and learning with a First Nations Healer, plus sustainable active conservation, amazing wildlife and nourishing meals using local produce."

Read it all here. 

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Sustainable and Ethical Health and Wellness

A little from the Australian Wildlife Journeys site about the Australian Coastal Safaris story and truly showcasing why the Eyre Peninsula is where it's at, for nature focussed health and wellness tourism;

"Australian Coastal Safaris started operations in 2005 when David Doudle, a fourth-generation local farmer, started showcasing many of the activities that he and his family grew up doing across the Eyre Peninsula’s stunning landscapes; from amazing deserted beaches, pristine colours of the ocean, the abundance of fresh seafood, the friendliness of the local people, the vast open spaces and the interaction with native wildlife. The team is very emotional about preserving the region and are ambassadors in keeping the environments pure, pristine and sparsely populated, to ensure that guests are able to enjoy the unique experiences and habitats well into the future."

Read it all here.

Port Lincoln for your next Health and Wellness Retreat

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