Strapped for time? Experience the best of Lower Eyre Peninsula in one to three days!

Strapped for time? Experience the best of Lower Eyre Peninsula in just one to three days!

Fun fact: did you know that the ONLY place in Australia (and one of only 4 locations in the world!) you can actually safely cage dive with the incredible Great White Sharks, is out of Port Lincoln?! Is being face-to-face with this incredible marine animal somewhere on your bucket list? Or, maybe you’re not so keen on the adrenaline rush, but still want to experience the coastline and ocean home of the Lower Eyre peninsula? Either way, Australian Coastal Safaris can help - we have Mini-Getaway options for everyone.

The coasts of Lower Eyre Peninsula boast some of the most incredibly diverse ecosystems and amazing landscapes, all with unique trails, tastes and history to go with it. Whatever you’re interested in (wildlife, the outdoors, four wheel driving, biking, adventure, food, wine…), we’ve got you covered. Because of the close proximity of the coast, national parks, the seafood industry etc., with our help you can experience it all in a short amount of time if you need to.

So - even if you’ve only got a weekend to spare, or just one day to make the most of what Port Lincoln and it's beautiful surroundings has to offer, joining us for a mini-getaway is just as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Step one: CHOOSE 

Probably the hardest step...but with three Mini-Getaway options to choose from, we’ve got it covered;

Great White Shark + local coast and taste adventures

Is it the Great White sharks that have you hooked? Enjoy a day on (and in!) the Southern Ocean at the Neptune Islands - the local hotspot for the revered Great White Shark. This dive location is home to Australias’ largest breeding population of Long Nosed Fur Seals, and serves as a unique aggregation site for Great White Sharks (for obvious reasons…). See the oceans most feared predators one day, and enjoy the ‘best of’ local seafood and wine tastes, and stunning sights the next...

Photo Credit: Calypso Star Charters
Photo Credit: Calypso Star Charters
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A day in and around Port Lincoln

After a thrilling adventure on the Southern Ocean, spend a day in and around Port Lincoln checking out the local fishing industry fleet in the marina - this is the largest fleet in the Southern Hemisphere. But it’s no good just talking about the seafood, you’ve gotta see it and try it too of course! Sample fresh seafood and see how they process it all after catch, at a local seafood factory. From town to coast, enjoy a four wheel drive adventure in the Lincoln National Park on four wheels across some of Australia's largest sand dunes leading to spectacular beaches. Finally, get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, emus, and abundant birdlife while learning about the hardships of the early pioneers. 

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A day out at Coffin Bay

Or, enjoy the tastes and coasts of beautiful Coffin Bay, the home of Eyre Peninsula’s world-famous oyster industry. Not only will you get to sample the oysters straight from the ocean (although very important, yes), you will also learn about the farming process and how the oysters are prepared for market. Wander through the Coffin Bay National Park, and see kangaroos, emus, reptiles and birdlife. And of course, no trip is complete without wine - visit a nearby farm and sample local wines from their vineyard. Delish!

Half days and Electric Mountain Bikes galore

If the sharks don’t have you interested, there are still so many more ways to enjoy the fun and beauty of Lower Eyre Peninsula. Maybe it's a half day adventure that gets you buzzing after a lazy morning relaxing? Half day tours are a favourite for those wanting to get out and about, but still relax and enjoy some time to yourself. You could either tour to Whalers Way, a remote coastal cliffline that is sure to feel like standing on the edge of the earth. Or jump on our 4WD and wildlife tour across the dunes in Lincoln National Park, home to hundreds of kangaroo and emu, and visit local koalas in a private nature reserve. 

If keeping active is your thing, then you'll find multiple options with our Electric Mountain Bike packages. Our 2-day adventures are the best of both worlds. Feel like a local while cruising around the region on your own Electric Mountain Bike, an opportunity to take it at your own pace and explore the town and trails. Then learn from a local on the next day, visiting some of the best that Lower Eyre Peninsula has to offer - National Parks, wildlife, seafood, wine and history. Whatever you do you will experience some of the best of South Australia and wish you could stay longer.

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4WD adventure

Step Two: BOOK

For more information on these Mini-Getaways, go to our website here. Alternatively, you can easily get in contact with one of our friendly staff via phone or email, to ask for availability and pricing. 

Step Three: ENJOY!

Literally. That’s it. Bring yourself, switch into holiday mode & ENJOY! 

Of course, if a day or two isn’t your thing, and you’re wanting a longer stay to settle in and see it all - Australian Coastal Safaris tailors tours to any description. Is it just you and a travel partner? Or maybe a group of friends, or family? We can help. Get in contact with one of our friendly staff, they will be more than happy to chat to you about what we can do for you!

The accessibility of Port Lincoln from Adelaide is made available by two flight companies (Qantas Link and Regional Express) who service Port Lincoln with 54 flights per week!