2012 June-July Lake Eyre Tours and Outback Flight dates

Goin’ Off Safaris has just a few vacancies left for what could be a once in a lifetime experience to see Lake Eyre filling and the Outback in best ever condition. Following 4 years of well above average rainfall and summer floods in Queensland and NSW, these flood waters are now entering Lake Eyre and the next few months will be the ideal time to see this part of the Australian country and Outback in its rare best.

Our last vacancies in June are on the 29th to July 1 (3 only) for our 3 day Lake Eyre & Outback Supreme Scenic Safari. In July, we have 4 vacancies on the 2 day Ultimate outback Weekender on the 14-15th and 8 availabilities on July 27-29 for the 3 day job. Please check out our 3 Day Lake Eyre & Outback Supreme Scenic Safari itinerary, FAQ, Lake Eyre Photo Gallery and other departure dates and tour information.