“The Living Room” goes outback to Lake Eyre

How good was Chris Brown and his feature on Channel 10’s- The Living Room last night? Chris and his TV crew really brought the vast and spectacular Outback to our screens as well as showing the magnificent and intense colours of Lake Eyre filling, in this rare event.

It was great that the Moonplains out from Coober Pedy got some coverage as Chris jumped in with Peter Rowe who operates Australia’s longest mail run of 600km! Peter took Chris out to this area which included the worlds longest man made structure  of some 5300km ,The Dog Fence,which starts at the Great Australian Bight and continues into Queensland. The moon plains are fascinating and are the remains of an ancient inland sea bed of 100-120 million years ago and you can find fossilised sea shells of cockles, mussels, sea snails etc amongst the small rocks on the plains.William Creek (which has the most isolated pub in Australia) gets a great coverage as well in the show and you get a good look at the featured walls adorned with all types of travellers garnets and memorabilia, plus see a sample of the most amazing outback food at this pub! I’m not sure if the local dog got to help Chris polish off his dinner that night or not, but they are huge meals!

Chris then took the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about with Lake Eyre filling. In his own words he quotes

” This is something that every Australian should do and it would be shame to miss out on this once in generation event….”

This is all part of our 3 Day Outback & Lake Eyre tours with Goin’ Off Safaris that have been a big hit over the last 3 years whilst flood waters have flown into the Lake.

If you missed the episode of The Living Room last night, check out the first chapter  and then watch Chris Brown’s flight over stunning Lake Eyre.

If this is something that you want to add to your bucket list, then check out Goin’ Off Safaris Lake Eyre and Outback Flying Safaris. Enjoy!