The Salmon are biting…and they’re BIG!

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting to lovely Americans this week, with one of them being a keen fisherman. As they were on Eyre Peninsula- Australia’s Seafood Frontier, we thought it was only fair to take them out to swim with the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna before throwing a line in at our favourite surf beach.

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After warming up with an average sized Australian Salmon, our avid fisherman hooked onto the mother load- a double header of Salmon, each weighing in at around 4-5kg (roughly 11 pounds!)

The day was completed with a feed of fresh salmon cooked over a fire on the beach- nothing better!

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For their final day on Eyre Peninsula, we introduced them to beautiful Coffin Bay. Again fishing was the key focus, with a few small Salmon, Tommy Ruff’s and a couple of King George Whiting being caught just off the Coffin Bay Jetty.

Mikkira was another stop on the agenda, as we took our lovely Americans out to see some Koala’s in their natural habitat. We were also lucky enough to see a baby koala with it’s mother- only a few weeks old!

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We had a great couple of days, with our fantastic guests getting to know the stunning Eyre Peninsula. Now, I’m dying to try making a delicacy suggested by our guests- Smores! We’ll see how I go!