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Tuna Goin’ Off at Coffin Bay

Since our first crew of avid fisherman went on the search of big and wild Southern Bluefin Tuna only 2 weeks ago, the catches have been coming in thick and fast providing amazing fishing, screaming reels and big smiles. 25 fish up to 30kg were caught yesterday, 22 the day before in perfect conditions from…

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Chasing the Oceans “Big 5”

Everyone has heard of Africa’s ” Big Five” attractions on wilderness safaris where you are superbly guided through villages and grasslands of game parks and private reserves to catch a glimpse of Africa’s greatest wild animals – lions, leopard, elephant, buffalo & rhino. Here in South Australia and to be more precise Pt.Lincoln, on the…

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Extreme Ocean Adventures

Just found a great website for all serious water thrill seekers at Adrenalin Charged Water Adventures. The activity list is quite impressive as it lists 25 charged up adventures that you can have around Australia. Whats more interesting though is that 16 of these “must do” ocean adventures, can be done right here in the…

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