Great Whites loving ACDC!

There are new fans in the ACDC mosh pit! These are a little different species to the ones that most are used to in the pit; Bigger, faster, meaner and more ferocious. They are also graceful, intelligent and also scare the living bejesus out anything that gets close to them!

This is the Great White Shark and the new  stage with the volume cranking is Shark Bay, Neptune Island and just a 2.5 hour cruise off Port Lincoln, South Australia. Like many others, I’ve been drawn to the ACDC rockers over their journey but did not expect these predators of the ocean been drawn to them as well!

Proven and friendly partners of Goin’ Off Safaris, is world class operator Matt Waller of Adventure Bay Charters who is enticing sharks to his cage and boat and offering the only berley free Eco friendly Great White Shark Cage Diving Experience in Australia!!! Matt is using audio sound vibrations to attract the world’s largest predatory fish, with ACDC being the Great Whites favourite music!! The benefits of using the sound vibration is that it is omnidirectional and instantaneous and completely eco friendly.

Shark action has been red hot for some time now with 5-7 sharks still being seen daily so next time your doing the air guitar to Thunderstruck, dancing like Angus Young and jamming to Hells Bells, think of the sharks and get on down here!