CanTeen Comes to Pt.Lincoln

Dutchie's kiss of life!

Dutchie's Kiss of Life

Dutchie lands a beauty!

Dutchie lands a beauty !

Andrew with his first salmon

Andrew with his first salmon

On Dec 15th, we had the absolute pleasure of being involved with & supporting South Australia’s/ Northern Territory’s division of CanTeens 2008 Survivor Summer Camp.

CanTeen is the amazing Australian organisation for young people living with cancer & this terrific group of young men & women came across to Port Lincoln for their annual camp for 4 days of fun filled activities.

CanTeen 2008 Survivor Summit

CanTeen 2008 Survivor Summit

About 20 of the CanTeen champs came out our way for a few hours of fun filled action in the ways of sandboarding some monster sand dunes & to surf fish for Australian Salmon off the beach.An early start was had by the busload but the timing was absolutely spot on as the salmon were in close & hungry. Normally footprint free, the beach was in pristine condition but it wasnt long before the group  churned up the sand in agsnt to get the rods in the water as the salmon were on the bite big time !

There was action a plenty with some big 3-4 kg fish getting landed & lots more getting hooked & muscled in to shore only to spit the hook out at the last second ! It was great excitement by all & really was a fishing frenzy with yours truly flat out re-baiting hooks & making up new jigs as many were getting snapped off by the size of the salmon !  Smaller groups went sandboarding & tackled the dunes but like all good fishing days, the stories & the sizes are all still getting bigger !

We have to thank Peter McGlennon from CanTeen, for getting Goin Off Safaris involved & we had just as much fun as what the CanTeen members had. To be able to show off a bit of our back yard to them was our absolute pleasure but the smiles & the enjoyment on the faces of these special individuals was a genuine highlight for us as well.

It was great meeting you all, keep well & stay safe !