Another great 3 day Outback Flying Safari!

Here are the comments from our guests from last weekends 3 Day Lake Eyre & Outback flying safari. The low level flying over Coopers Creek ( we could not land at the Dig Tree due to a wet airstrip from the previous weeks 40mm), Coongie Lakes and of course Lake Eyre was one of the many highlights to our guests. Other highlights were;

  • the meals provided from the Outback loop of Innamincka & Birdsville Hotels, Johns Pizza Bar & Resteraunt   
  • Close up look of the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound
  • great weather, scenery and company, everyone had a blast and enjoyed every minute! 
  • the humorous & educational town tours of Birdsville & Coober Pedy plus the Breakaways and Dog Fence
  • the beautiful water colours of Lake Eyre filling 
  • Self guided tour & opal polishing demonstration at Trevor Berry’s Old Timers Mine at Coober Pedy
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Below are the testimonials from our guests;

“Great trip, with the highlights being Coongie Lakes & Lake Eyre. Fantastic food and amazing pilots. Thanks Lunch……” Drew & Genny, Adelaide

“There was a large plane at the Coober Pedy airstrip which carries about 50 people travelling over the same ground that we just did. There were only a few windows that you could see out of and could not possibly do low level flying like we did, which is a shame for them! But we had a ball. The Goin’ Off Safaris team is completely professional, educational and a lot of fun was had. Highly recommended to everyone…….” Mal, Port Lincoln

” Magnificent trip! We saw many places we would probably never been to by road. Excellent pilots, great meals. We particularly enjoyed the low level flying over the many areas. We will be spreading the word. Thanks again & well done!……” Ian & Judy, Cummins SA

“A great chance to see places we’d never drive to & a very well run business. We wondered who are compatriots would be & enjoyed their company & their life stories! A bit different from the A380…..but it was great to be able to chat with the pilots. Many thanks…..” Ian & Joan, Williamstown, Victoria

” Very enjoyable & well organised tour taking us where we would otherwise not go. Great Company. Coongie Lakes was our favourite part. Will recommend to our friends for sure……” Jean & Malcolm Schaefer, Kangaroo Island, SA

” Most enjoyable & a wonderful  trip.Worth every cent & it was all that I had hoped it would be and more. Great sights & new friends. Highly recommended…..” Colin, Denmark, WA

” Just a wonderful experience which will remain with me for a long time! Everything was superb with great people, wonderful sights, real life Outback characters and amazing food everywhere we went. The Goin’ Off Safaris crew were all extremely helpful & knowledgeable. Loved every bit of the safari!…….” Rob, Port Lincoln, SA