Important Photography Information

For Beginners & Intermediates

Beginners - will learn to use their camera in manual mode.  At the end of the workshop you will confidently be using aperture and shutter speed to achieve the look you want in your images. You will also understand the important camera features a little better. In post processing, you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and be able to do basic tone and colour corrections.

Intermediate - You will come to the workshop with a basic understanding of aperture and shutter speed.  During the workshop, you will build on your ability to shoot in manual mode and learn more about the functions and settings of your camera.  You may already be using Lightroom for basic processing and we will build on this knowledge to introduce some of the more creative elements of the program. If you are not sure what level you are at just let us know and we will call you for a chat.

During the workshop, you will learn - to confidently shooting manual mode, taking control of your camera to get the look and feel you want to each image.

  • Focus
  • Shooting in RAW
  • Which lens to choose
  • Composition for story telling
  • Getting the exposure right in camera
  • What white balance is and how it affects your images.
  • When to use a tripod
  • Using your camera after dark (depending on the phases of the milky way and the moon we will try our hand at Astro Photography and/or Light Painting.)
  • Photographing Wildlife and Birds
  • Shooting and Processing Panoramas.

In Post Processing, we will work through:

  • downloading your images, rating and keywording to ensure they are easy to find in future.
  • basic editing including straightening horizons, balancing tone and colour.
  • exporting images for print and social media

Workshops are tailored so that no one is left behind and everyone will get the support they need to develop their photography and get some awesome landscape and wildlife images.

Guest Requirements: Your camera (capable of shooting in manual mode can be DSLR, Bridge, Mirrorless or Micro 4/3). Camera Manual, Camera Bag/Backpack, Tripod, Filters if you have them, Wide and Zoom Lenses if you have them, Extra CF or SD Cards, Extra Battery and Battery Charger, Headlight Torch, Cables and Cords, Laptop/Tablet with Adobe Lightroom loaded (Use Lightroom Classic for Laptops).