Electric Bike Hire Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions 



Australian Coastal Safaris operates under parent registered company Goin’ Off Safaris Pty Ltd. It is a reputable, licensed and accredited Tourism Operator whom travels through regional, coastal and Outback regions of Australia, which are sometimes remote and isolated. We do reserve the right to alter itineraries, Hire of Equipment, transport and accommodation as the need arises due to adverse weather, road, mechanical failure or any other operational conditions.

The Hirer and Australian Coastal Safaris agree that a binding contract (Bike Hire Agreement) incorporating these Terms and Conditions will be formed when Australian Coastal Safaris confirms the Hirers bookings, which it will do on receipt of payment for the Hire of Equipment.



“E-Bike”means the Cube20 Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 Mountain Bike and all associated accessories, including Car Bike Carrier

 “Hirer”means the person hiring any equipment and any person using (riding, storing) the Electric Mountain Bikes, must be 18 years and over.

“Hire of Equipment and Equipmentmeans any equipment relating to the Hire, including Electric Mountain Bike, Helmet, Phone Bag, Bike Locks, any accessories on the bike at time of hire, Car Bike Carrier

“Riders or Participants”means any other person using, riding or storing the Electric Mountain Bike, Helmet, Phone Bag, Bike locks, any accessories on the bike at time of hire, Car Bike Carrier

“Hire Arrangements or Hire Bookings”means the agreement/contract between the Hirer an Australian Coastal Safaris

“Hire Fees” means the rates and charges payable by the Hirer for the Hire of Equipment.

“Hire Period” means the agreed period of the Hire.

“Delivery” means the agreed time to pick up the Hire Equipment from Australian Coastal Safaris office



  • Australian Coastal Safaris agrees to the Hire of Equipment to the Hirer for the Hire Period and the Hirer agrees to pay the Hire Fees and any Other Charges.
  • Australian Coastal Safaris may require a copy of the Hirer’s Australian driver’s license or passport to be provided at the time of delivery.
  • All Hirers are required to be at the Hire location at the time of the Hire Period. Arrival after this time may result in delays, rescheduling or cancellation of Hire at Australian Coastal Safaris discretion, without refund. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the Hirer satisfies their booking conditions. In the event the Hirer is unable to take delivery of the bike and equipment as arranged, then Australian Coastal Safaris shall be entitled to charge for the Hire.
  • The Hire Equipment must be returned to the agreed location, within 10 minutes following the conclusion of the agreed Hire Period. Australian Coastal Safaris reserves the right to charge a fee as a result of any delay in return of Hire Equipment (minimum fee is $30.00).
  • At delivery, Australian Coastal Safaris and the Hirer will go through all requirements to ride the E-Bikes and conditions of the E-Bikes. Any pre-existing damage will be identified.
  • The Hire Equipment will be inspected at the time of return. If any new damage is identified then this will be at the cost of the Hirer.
  • Australian Coastal Safaris may refuse any person participation in a Hire, which is due to their mental or physical condition and may result in lack of due care for themselves or others. This will be at the absolute discretion of Australian Coastal Safaris and its staff. Australian Coastal Safaris will reimburse the Hire Fees, if a person is refused participation in a Hire for any reason other than as set out in this Form.
  • Failure to agree to the Terms & Conditions and sign the Waiver will also result in cancellation and the Hirer may incur cancellation fees, at the discretion of Australian Coastal Safaris.



Australian Coastal Safaris agrees to:

  • Maintain liability and indemnity insurance to cover the liabilities of the Hirer (Hirers are advised to rely upon their own travel insurance in almost all instances where injury, loss or damage is suffered to themselves or their effects)
  • Maintain E-Bikes, licenses and permits necessary to carry out Hire Arrangements
  • Provide sufficient customer care and service throughout



Full payment at time of booking.

The price payable by the Hirer is GST inclusive, unless otherwise stated.

Payment can be made as a Direct Deposit into our nominated bank account and we do accept most credit cards. Please note that credit card transactions will incur a 1.5% bank fee. American Express will incur a 3.5% bank fee.

Payment made on the day of hire or the day before will need to be paid by Credit Card.

All Hirers authorise Australian Coastal Safaris to charge the nominated credit card to recover costs associated with the loss, theft, or damage of the Hire Equipment at current Australian recommended retail prices.

The Hirer must advise Australian Coastal Safaris if they require a time or date change. This can only be changed 24 hours prior to the original Hire date, subject to availability.



Refunds are not available should the weather impede the use of the Equipment (or your ride), whilst riding or you return the Equipment early.

Australian Coastal Safaris has the right to cancel any Equipment Hire in the event that of adverse natural conditions in which case any Hire Fees will be refunded in full, including any security given. Australian Coastal Safaris are not liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising from cancellation.

No refund will be made to the Hirer for unused Hire Bookings, either booked by the Hirer or booked by a third-party.

Australian Coastal Safaris do not accept liability for loss or damage to Hire Equipment, personal items, sickness or injury, or additional expenses caused by factors beyond the control of the Australian Coastal Safaris.

In the event that the cancellation is due to the Hirer, the following Terms will be enforced:

  • For cancellations without notice from the Hirer. Australian Coastal Safaris reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the Hire Fees.
  • For cancellations within 48 hours from Hire Period, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.
  • For cancellations received from 48 hours to 7days of the Hire Period, a cancellation fee of 25% will be charged.

All cancellation fees become immediately due and payable upon cancellation.

Special Circumstances apply to those affected by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and pertaining to a travel ban from their origin country into Australia or due to interstate border closures. Also, in circumstances where the client/s have come into direct contact with the virus and are unable to travel within that travel period. In this case if the client has cancelled prior to Hire Period then a full refund will be given. If no notice of cancellation is received than a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.

Proof will need to be supplied if affected by COVID

Cancellations must be made in writing to the company.

If a force majeure circumstance necessitates cancellation of the Hire, then the Hirer must rely upon any travel insurance they hold for compensation and where possible, Australian Coastal Safaris will honor the Hire of Equipment for a future date.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Hire of Equipment operates all year round except on Block Out Dates listed or a surcharge may apply for block-out dates.

Block Out Dates

Australia Day 26 January 2023
Adelaide Cup Day 13 March 2023


Easter Holidays 7 – 10 April 2023
ANZAC Day 25 April 2023
Queens Birthday 12 June 2023
Labour Day 2 October 2023
Christmas Holidays 24 – 28 December 2023
New Years Eve 31December 2023
New Years Day 1 January 2024
Australia Day 26 January 2024
Adelaide Cup Day 11 March 2024



Graphics, design and text are copyright of Australian Coastal Safaris. Permission is granted to download specified resources using the QR Codes for individual use while Hiring Equipment. Any other use of materials, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication, without prior written permission of Australian Coastal Safaris is prohibited.



The traveller is responsible for all loss or damage arising through his or her own fault. Australian Coastal Safaris will not be liable for any illness, injury or death sustained from Hire of Equipment.

Australian Coastal Safaris will not be responsible for and the Hirer releases Australian Coastal Safaris from any liability arising out of any medical condition suffered by the Hirer during the Hire of Equipment period.

The Hirer indemnifies and holds harmless Australian Coastal Safaris and its officers, employees and suppliers against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, expenses and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis and whether directly incurred by or awarded against Australian Coastal Safaris) as a result of or arising in relation to, whether directly or indirectly, the Hirer booking and Use of Equipment or any act or omission by the Hirer in relation to the Hire of Equipment.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, all implied conditions and warranties regarding the provision of services by Australian Coastal Safaris under these terms and conditions are excluded. Australian Coastal Safaris liability in relation to any non-excludable conditions or warranties is limited to (at Australian Coastal Safaris option) delivering the services again. In any event, Australian Coastal Safaris total liability under this Agreement (including for loss or damage to baggage, compensation for distress, disappointment and loss of enjoyment) will be limited to the amount of the Hire of Equipment actually paid by the Hirer to Australian Coastal Safaris. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Australian Coastal Safaris excludes and the Hirer releases Australian Coastal Safaris from all other liability, including without limitation any consequential or special damages or costs, arising directly or indirectly from or in relation to the Hire of Equipment and services provided in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Any booking shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws in force in South Australia and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia.