COVID Vaccination Policy

COVID Vaccination Policy

Our Policy:

Until further notice and in accordance with Australian Coastal Safaris duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is free of known hazards, we are adopting this COVID-19 vaccination policy to safeguard the health of our customers and visitors, our employees, and the community at large from infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

All eligible customers, employees, and participants on our tours, are required to have received full Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) approved COVID vaccinations by the 1stof December 2021,unless a reasonable arrangement is otherwise approved by any relevant authority or the company.

Where a person is not in compliance with this policy, the person will not be granted entry to the premises, event, service or our vehicles for transport or touring purposes. In such circumstances:

  • for customers, the company’s refund and or credit policy may apply.
  • for employees, they will be placed on unpaid leave until their employment status is determined.

Accommodation and Meals:

  • Strict hygiene conditions apply to the way our accommodation at South Point Beach House is prepared for your stay and in the serving of meals whilst on tour with Australian Coastal Safaris

Vehicles, Hygiene and Social Distancing:

  • All activities will involve careful adherence to cleanliness. Hand sanitiser is always available in our vehicles and in many locations visited.
  • Social distancing will always be an issue on board our vehicles. It is wise for you to bring your own face masks and hand sanitiser.
  • The Government approved COVID-19 Safety Plan is in place and Australian Coastal Safaris are Covid Clean accredited.


Booking Term:

Australian Coastal Safaris will not accept a booking for any eligible person that is not fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or does not commit to such requirement.  Where a person makes a booking and is then unable to meet the requirement, the customer shall be prohibited from entering/partaking of the premises, event, service or tour and the company’s cancellation policy shall apply.

All travellers will be asked to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated e.g. via a digital app on your phone or a MyGov certificate etc, either at the time of booking and on entry into our vehicles.


We thank you for your understanding in keeping the wonderful community of Eyre Peninsula safe!