Tuna fishing season kicks off in Coffin Bay

A more perfect day could not have been asked for as we jumped on board with GT Charters this morning for a big day of gut-busting tuna fishing.

The water was glassy calm as we steamed out to Greenly Anchorage. It was just short of a 2 hour journey, but the trip flew by as we sat back and watched the sun come up- a view many of us are rarely awake early enough to witness!

As soon as the lines hit the water the tuna were biting, and we’d caught our quota of these gigantic fish within about 20 minutes. But the catch itself is the challenge, so we continued on with a bit of catch and release for another few hours, often struggling to haul these massive fish onto the deck.

Settling for a catch of 23 tuna- most weighing over 20kgs- we decided to move on and try our luck with some other fish commonly caught in the area.

Throwing the lines in again in shallower water, we found a nice little patch of Nannygai, Sweep and a few Leatherjackets just for luck.

All in all a successful trip, with the boys taking home a 150L esky FULL of fish! And this is only the beginning of the season. If this sounds like your cup of tea, see our website for more information