Time to ride

What terrific weather we’ve had here in Coffin Bay over the last week. Yes- we have had the odd scorcher, but aside from those it’s been absolutely perfect living weather 🙂

Being so nice, we decided to shut up shop and take the bikes out for a spin in the Coffin Bay National Park. This place is a hub for a huge array of native wildlife, such as kangaroos, emus, heath goannas, and heaps of birds!

[simplerotator width=”600″ height=”380″ align=”left”] /files/DSC_0474.jpg, /files/DSC_0478.jpg, /files/DSC_0487.jpg, /files/DSC_0489.jpg, /files/DSC_0504.jpg, /files/DSC_0514.jpg[/simplerotator]

Aside from the amazing wildlife, the ride itself is an intense trip. The tight winding road on the way into the park is an awesome track- you just have to watch the crazy holiday drivers!

There are several stops on the way into the park, such as Templetonia Lookout, where you can get a birdseye view of the rest of the park and surrounds. Continue on towards Point Avoid and Almonta Beach and you’ll be refreshed by the cool salty air of the Southern Ocean. If you’re feeling energetic you can venture do to Yangie Bay and go for one of the four walks around the bay.

If you feel like you need to burn off a bit of your Christmas over-indulgence, come in and see us at the office to hire a brand new mountain bike. We’ll set you up with a camel pack so you can take plenty of water out with you. Call the office on 0427 755 065, fill out a contact form here or get in contact with us on Facebook.


$10 per hour

$60 for full day hire