Southern Right Whales in Fisheries Bay, Fresh Coffin Bay Oysters, Tuna Swim & Feed, Koalas at Mikkira Station, Eyre Peninsula

Koala in a Gum Tree: Mikkira Station

Koala in a Gum Tree: Mikkira Station

The last 2 days we had the pleasure of showing around some teachers from Murray Bridge & another from Japan.

We made use of the wild & windy day by taking a day trip to Whalers Way, on the south western tip of Eyre Peninsula. We called into Mikkira Sation along the way & had our lunch in the original homestead next to the open fire which was very much appreciated due to the artic conditions!

The cold wasn’t enough to keep the local koalas away and the manna gums close by housed many of these furry friend as they posed for many a snap by our guests. 

Mikkira Station South Australia

Mikkira Station South Australia

We then checked out the coastline of Whalers Way and its rugged beauty with treacherous crevasses, caves, the awesome sight of Cathedral Rocks windfarm as a backdrop against the spectacular clifftops, Osperey nests and the Southern Ocean starting to get nasty as the wind swung to show us the powers of the ocean.

On our return we called into Fisheries Bay and there we saw 4 Southern Right Whales with 2 of these, a cow and calf, very close in to shore to give us a great chance of viewing these massive creatures. 

Conditions turned around yesterday as we had a beautiful warm and calm day, perfect for boating!

Out to the tuna farm with Adventure Bay Charters in Port Lincoln’s Boston Bay for the tuna feed and swim. Fantastic experience every time and you really have to check these blue rockets out to appreciate how they move.

I managed to encourage half the group to don a wetsuit on and get in with me (and the water was surprisingly warm) as we fed the Bluefin tuna from in the water as well as the others on the boat, feeding from the pontoon above the fish.

Great stuff and everyone really enjoyed the experience which is a world’s first to Pt.Lincoln.

There is nothing better than oysters shucked straight off the racks and devoured. That is what happened after lunch at my mate Zoomer’s oyster shed!

The boys had been out in the morning and brought the world’s best oysters back to the shed for grading and sales. Our timing was impeccable! An insight into Coffin Bay’s best known industry for our visitors and tour around the sheds, a few dozen oysters changed hands and our guests went home very happy campers!