Queensland flood waters now flowing into Lake Eyre

The current status of the water flowing into Lake Eyre is steadily on the rise. Floodwaters from the massive amount of summer rainfall that has been dumped on large areas of Queensland and New South Wales have now hit Australia’s “inland seabed” of Lake Eyre via many river systems along the journey before finally meandering into the Lake via the beautiful Cooper Creek and Warburton River.

The Warburton Lakes up from Lake Eyre north are now full with the Warburton Groove flowing and Belt Bay inside Lake Eyre steadily rising as well.

Below are satellite images that show the current lake status in comparison to 2011 and we really believe that the best time to see this rare and unique natural event of Lake Eyre filling, will be over the next 2 months of June & July. We currently have a special on for the last 2 seats for our June 2-3 Ultimate Outback Weekender for $2420.00 per person all inclusive so get on before you miss out! Contact Goin’ Off Safaris here for more details and all the information required!


Our man on the ground and in the sky, The Sentimental Bloke peter MacDonald has also been busy this week and has sent through some great images of the waters and wildlife.There is an abundance of birdlife at the Goyder Lagoon an its the pelicans that stand out because of the numbers of these birds and also the ease that they can cruise above the waters surface. As was the case last year, the magnificent Coongie Lakes host many species of birds including pelicans, ducks and black cormorants to name a few where they feed on lots of different fish species which are breeding up in the fresher waters of the Coongie.
Peter has also sent through the beautiful colours of the waters surrounding Silcrete Island on Lake Eyre.
[simplerotator width=”500″ height=”300″ align=”center”]/files/Pelicans-2-e1337654012328.jpg, /files/Silcrete-Island-2-e1337653978333.jpg, /files/Pelicans-e1337654038820.jpg[/simplerotator]