Lake Eyre and Outback flights 2011

Well, what an unbelievable summer it has been in South Australia’s Outback! Normally this parched and sun-burnt part of the country is dry as a chip, with very little signs of any type of life but consistent rainfall has seen the whole region bursting with water and another new chapter in this incredible part of the country.

Lake Eyre is all the rage again as water from major entries into the Lake, the Warburton and Macumba Rivers, plus the  Cooper Creek are all flowing significantly and  filling the Australia’s largest lake(see map below). On top of this heavy local rainfall around Marree and William Creek has seen Lake Eyre South, actually fill all ready and we are not even close to winter as yet!

With every tributary, river, creek flowing into Lake Eyre North, we are more than confident that we will see Lake Eyre fill for the first time since 1974, and this will be something to see, especially from the air in the beautiful Beech 18 or the sleek Metro II!

Our new scenic flights are now all sorted out for the “barrage” of traffic, ready to experience the inland sea in its glory and the Outback at its very rare, but absolute very best.

We at Goin’ Off Safaris invite you to check out our new 2 Day Ultimate Lake Eyre & Outback Weekender flight as well as our very popular 3 Day Supreme Scenic Safari, with all dates, itineraries and inclusions on our website.

There is something for everyone as we not only fly over the flooded areas of Lake Eyre, Warburton Groove, Coongie Lakes and all the surrounding regions, but drop on down into the iconic, outback Australian towns of Innamincka, Birdsville, William Creek and Coober Pedy and the infamous, but historical Dig Tree of Burke & Wills fame. There is plenty of time to explore these townships and what they have provided to our history( if your into that side of things) or if your a bit more adventurous, get yourself into a canoe to paddle the amazing Cooper Creek and then grab some massive yabbies, from the causeway at Innamincka! I’m into Australian culture and this is found throughout the journey in our famous outback pubs at Innamincka, Birdsville, William Creek and underground at Coober Pedy where you can enjoy a refreshing cleanser, a big hearty meal and the company of local characters

Our Outback Loop, 2-3 day flights take off  from May until November and all you have to do is get to Adelaide, South Australia and we take care of things from there. Contact us here!