Goin’ Off Safaris, Eyre Peninsula ventures to America!

Perfect lunch! Coffin Bay Oysters & a bottle of Boston Bay Winery's, the Great White.

Perfect lunch! Coffin Bay Oysters & a bottle of Boston Bay Winery’s, the Great White.

The Eyre Peninsula and Goin’ Off Safaris ventured into America via an outstanding piece of journalism from Margo Pfeiff and Jim Hutchinson.

 Featured in the San Francisco & Houston ChronicleTravel section.

Titled Australia’s unknown Eyre Peninsula, this article was a standout in this months travel sections of the leading newspapers across America from San Francisco to the Houston Chronicles with millions of readers. We picked up Margo & Jim back in March from the Port Lincoln Airport with the intention of showing these international journalist a few things that made our part of the world really unique. I didn’t expect side splitting laughter before we hit the main highway into Port Lincoln and the scene was set. And this was before we did a brief winery tour at the Lincoln Estate and Boston Bay winery! Margo & Jim didn’t jump into a cage to swim with the Great White sharks but did taste other major experiences on the Eyre Peninsula such as swimming with Australian Sea-lions, swimming with & feeding Bluefin Tuna, amazing wildlife at Mikkira Station & Koala Park, 4WDriving through massive sand dunes, frolicked on our beautiful beaches and were left captivated by raw & natural ruggedness of the magnificent coastline and cliff-tops of the Great Australian Bight. Then there was the seafood and local produce platters at Del Giornos Cafe with a highlight being our lunch at a disused jetty at Coffin Bay, shucking oysters with a bottle of The Great White, a sauvignon blanc from the Boston Bay Winery.


Extraordinary was a word used within 30 minutes of arrival by Jim and was continually in use throughout the journey such was the impression that was made. This was well maintained when we transferred the scribes to our colleagues Geoff Scholz and his exceptional team at Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris and they didn’t let our tourists down either! As described, The Eyre Peninsula is a wealth of attractions and diversions. Come and visit us and explore at Goin’ Off Safaris!