Coffin Bay turns on the weather for Texas!

What a weekend! Once again we played host to a couple of amazing people from Texas. Their tailored 3 day package included everything from Swim with the Tuna and a trip aboard the Coffin Bay Explorer to tasting the freshest seafood from Australia’s Seafood Capital and a truly authentic Australian experience- a camp oven. I did have my doubts when they arrived in Port Lincoln and announced that they weren’t great fans of lamb, but after watching them  go back for  second helping of lamb shanks slow cooked in the camp oven, I think we’ve convinced them that lamb is pretty tasty!

Came from Texas and was treated like we were a King and Queen! Get in touch with them for an adventure that you will remember! Thanks Erin and David!” Sandy and Billy

Check out the photos from their trip, and for more info about our packages contact us on the website or drop in and see us at our new office in Coffin Bay!

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