Busy times in the Outback

Its been a huge 6 weeks for us at Goin’ Off Safaris with 5 Flying Safaris to Australia’s beauitiful Lake Eyre & the Outback and unfortunately, no time to blog each trip so apologies there to our regular subscribers!

After completing our last 3 Day Supreme Scenic safari just last weekend, we again had a fantastic trip weather wise and whats better is that there are none of our local icons, those bloody black flies to give us the heebie jeebies! The countryside is just so vast, it is incredible. The volume of water in Lake Eyre is decreasing, especially in the northern part of the Lake, but our highly skilled pilots of Chris Pfitzner & Tony Schwertz ,can still show you the very best that the Lake Eyre has to offer by superb low level flying so that you capture some amazing scenes!

Here is what our latest guests have said about their experiences;

“A unique way to see the fabulous inland scenery, towns & characters- something that I never thought I’d get to do…..” Karenne, Sydney

“The highlight for me was the high standard of accommodation & services provided in the different towns we visited which far exceeded my expectations…..” Warwick, Sydney

“An unforgettable 3 day experience with everything of an impeccable standard…..” Paul, Perth

“Precisely as good as this trip had been described to me by a previous traveller, plus it must be said that the hosts (& pilots) are up there with the best in the business…..” Lori, Perth

“A wonderful experience to be able to see & be apart of a great Australian adventure, with friendly pilots & host – will always sing your praises! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the past 3 days…” Roger & Coral, Pt.Macquarie

” A great 3 day adventure! Tony & Chris are excellent pilots & great blokes with Fish an excellent tour guide. Enjoyed our trip & accommodation was first class with great meals. Would not hesitate to recommend this trip to our friends…..” Viv & Di, Brisbane

“Perfect in every aspect instilled with confidence by pilots Tony & Chris who were great company along with “Fish”, who could not have done any better. A thoroughly wonderful experience way beyond my expectations…..” Maureen, Sydney

“The Dig Tree & Birdsville Pub were stopover highlights.The vastness of the Goyder Lagoon & Lake Eyre were amazing & could not ask for a more friendly or obliging crew….” Kenny, Elliston, SA

“Really enjoyed the trip. Wonderful lot of people on the plane with us and the crew first class….” Lori, Denniliquan, Vic

“Well organised trip , for not one day but two.Then on the Metro liner climbed away we flew.The nights we saw, we’d not seen before. To us they were all new. Marree & Innamincka & lake & lakes & creeks not few. But of all the wonderous nights that we saw; none outshone the crew! Harvey & Nola, Perth ( very clever guys!)

“The colours, the company & the crew- all combined to make a very special trip for us all. And I’ll be back to the Birdsville Pub! Thanks……” Narelle, Melbourne

“The acrobatics in the air caused by “mother nature”, complemented the majesty of the scenery below & it was capped off by the crew & fellow “safarians”! Great stuff…..” Brenda, Melbourne

“Excellent trip! So much included in the one trip. The Dig Tree lunch stop was definately a highlight……” Pat, Denniliquan, Victoria

“Really enjoyed the Birdsville Pub & the tour by John Menzies at the Working Museum was a great experience. Innamincka Pub was very nice as well.Fish, Tony & Pfitzy were excellent tour guides & pilots…..” Ross, Elliston, SA

“I really enjoyed the museum at Birdsville & also liked flying over Lake Eyre. Thank you to Fish, Tony & Pfitzy who made the trip really enjoyable & educational!…….Tasha, Elliston, SA

“It was all that I had hoped for & more! To see Lake Eyre with so much water in it, probably wont happen again in our life time again! The South Australian hospitality was terrific, the service by the crew & fish was tops, the places we stopped at were amazing (as was the service) & a great lot of fellow travellers. Thanks so much!…….” Athene & Rob, Perth

” A very good, enjoyable trip. Service was terrific & food was of high standard. Enjoyed the company of everyone! Thanks……” Ingrid, Elliston, SA

” We could never have seen as much or appreciated the whole experience so much at ground level. Spectacular scenery, hospitable, helpful & knowledgeable crew & great people in the tour group. The perfect package & well done to Goin’ Off Safaris…..” Bob, Perth

“A great trip & great comedians for guides! Coober Pedy -GREAT…..” Eril & Gordon, Nhill, Victoria

“Met some wonderful people, experienced some magnificent outback characters & places & ate some wonderful food in surprising places; all with fish….!” Robert, Cummins, SA

“A wonderful trip, excellent itinerary. Tour guide Fish at his impeccable best! Lovely people on the tour & the pilots professional, approachable & good company. Overall thoroughly enjoyable & well done….! Fox, Cockaleechie, SA

“For South Australains, you did OK!( they are joking arnt they..?) A most informative, comprehensive, effecient & very friendly trip & thanks so much…..! David & Susie, Riddles Creek, Victoria

” A fantastic trip; all & more than we expected. The pilots were very professional & skillful. Tour guide(Fish) was multi skilled & entertaining with his humour……! Jan & Fred, Perth

A well thought out & interesting 3 day experience supported by experienced & professional people enabling me to appreciate more of the vastness, beauty & great contrasts of our Australia. Very interesting, informative trip covering this area of our magnificent country. Entertaining & great fun….! Joanne & Geoff, Maryborough, Qld

” So thrilled that we did not limit ourselves to only considering cost. The value is in the range of experiences we had, the people we met, the careful attention to details, the sense of fun & camaraderie of the guide & pilots and the hosts wherever we visited and the wonderful opportunity the trip provided to appreciate the beauty & vastness of this part of Australia. Well done & thanks….” Wendy, Cockaleechie, SA

If anyone is interested, we are looking at putting on another 3 day trip on October 28-30th, 2011. This will be our last trip for 2011!