Boston Bay releases The Great White!

Bill Ford with the "Great White"Local Port lincoln winery, Boston Bay Wines, yesterday released it’s first ever sauvignon bland white wine & has aptly named the new label as The Great White. Port Lincoln is known as the seafood capital of Australia ( for good reason) & this wine has been specifically produced for the fresh seafood that we endulge in down here. At the launch yesterday, I personally had to have a few glasses & with some fresh Coffin Bay Oysters & it really was top shelf!

Special thanks to the Pt.Lincoln Times for the photo of Bill Ford(right)

The Great White is the new addition added to the Ford families assorted collection of Riesling, Chardonnay, Spatlese Riesling, Riesling Mistrille, Cab Sav, Shiraz ( my favourite) & Merlot. The family describes the Great White as ” elegant, crunchy sauvignon that packed with appetising tropical fruits , goosberry & all manner of naturally refreshing flavours & aromas that marry particularly well with just about any kind of seafood..”

The winery itself is seated perfectly overlooking the enormity of Port Lincolns Boston Bay( hence the name). A beautiful location especially when one can sit back with the home grown product whilst been served up something equally special by live in acclaimed master chef & family member Tony Ford. The winery caters for those special functions as well during the year & is open for cellar door sales. Goin Off Safaris is more than happy to provide clients with a selection of the local drop!

Whilst on Great Whites, out in the water, numbers of the sharks are great at the minute & have been for some time, with some of the big ones up to 18 ft been frequently seen. So now is the time to see the Great Whites in the water & back on land, sample of few glasses of the new label with some fresh oysters so you can see what we’re on about over here!

I’m gonnna crack another!!

The new Sauvignon Blanc, the Great WhiteBoston Bay Winery's mixed dozen