Abalone Wars on Discovery Channel

Abalone Wars-Don’t miss tonight’s premier screening of Eyre Peninsula made Abalone Wars on Discovery Channel at 8.30pm. This 3 part series is superbly filmed by great mate Luke Pike of Pike Films who shows you an incredible insight to the local abalone industry around the Port Lincoln coastline . Wild abalone is a very highly sought after seafood product and these Greenlips are the best in the world and part of what makes the region Australia’s Seafood Capital.

Its a very high risk industry with high profits as divers have to fight the “war” against the most feared and greatest predator in the ocean being the Great White Shark, the natural and dangerous elements of the ocean and mother nature, poachers who take 1 out of 10 legal tonnes per annum and the fierce competition between themselves makes compelling viewing.

Narrated by Mike Rowe, this is one of the worlds toughest occupations with high risk but also high profits which shape this $300m industry and you will see the good, the bad & the mad over the next 3 weeks!

Featured heavily in the series is our very own and beautiful back yard where we take many a guest to safely snorkel for their very own abalone or fish whilst on a “Hunt and Gather” package with Goin’ Off Safaris. There is even a very small cameo from yours truly which could be the start of bigger things……!!


For previews, videos and more information about Abalone Wars, click here.