A must for the Bucket List- Flying in & around the Outback & Lake Eyre

Interestingly enough, I only have just got the chance to check out the award winning film, The Bucket List with famous actors Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. Very coincidentally, one of passengers from our last trip commented that flying in and around the outback and Lake Eyre, should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list! Funnily enough, on Australian Travellers 100 Things To Do Before You Die 2011 Index, seeing Lake Eyre in flood comes in at No. 3. Clearly, Morgan & Jack didn’t have enough time in their own lists!

We had our last 2 trips in late October with more fantastic people on board to see the the amazing countryside going full steam. Even though there is still plenty of water in the Coongie Lakes, the Diamantina River around Birdsville and  Lake Eyre, our season has now closed until April 2012 when the when the outback temperature starts to cool down again!

Here is what our last guests had to say about their experinece with Goin’ Off Safaris;

” Jetting around these remote locations with a great bunch of people is the only way to go! Factor in pilots who are fabulous to hang out with & so approachable, was an unexpected bonus. The social side of our trip was so much fun. I would go on a trip anywhere organised by David Doudle and his company, Goin’ Off Safaris….” Deb, Geraldton WA

Thankyou for a wonderful 3 days (it seemed much longer as we fitted so much into it). The food & accommodation was terrific. Special thanks to our 2 “perfect pilots and to David for your enthusiasm, which added to the trip immensely. And of course, our destinations were amazing……! Jenny, Melbourne Vic

” The most enjoyable trip that I have done in a long time! A beautiful birthday present from my lovely wife. Very well organised with pilots P1 & P2 fantastic. I will never forget Lake Eyre & the vastness of the water volume. Highly recommended to all……” Steve, Melbourne Vic

” I’d like to say a big  thank you for a wonderfully relaxed & safe Outback Experience.With all the great people onboard it was so much fun especially with those 2 “handsome”, capable & fun pilots P1 & P2! Thanks to David as well for his tremendous organisational skills…….” Nanda, Melbourne Vic

” I had a great time, enjoyed the company & the relaxed mood of it all. It would be great to include some Aboriginal history into the itinerary if possible. Thanks to all involved……” John, Melbourne Vic

“I had a great time, great adventure & really enjoyed the company. We would be interested in a a frequent user type system & sound like David & his Goin’ Off Safaris has a few adventures that we would be interested in! Thanks very much to the pilots & crew……..” Kevin, Brisbane Qld

” A fun time with an interesting & diverse group of people including all crew on board. The pilots were very experienced & inspired confidence given the extensive flying involved in this safari & varied conditions. A great way to see key Outback landmarks in comfort. Well chosen accommodation & meals were tremendous. Informative & interesting commentary from some of the “local characters” from local tours added to the experience……” Sylvia, Melbourne Vic

“Great food & people. Overall, a bloody good time……! Karen, Pt. Macquarie NSW

“Dear David…. Thank you for the most wonderful fun filled days…on the Lake Eyre & Supreme  3 day scenic safari.  When we have described the trip to friends we called it the ‘ lazy mans’ Outback adventure. To be fair the people on board were all short of time rather than lazy,  everyone had a really busy life with businesses and farms etc. The timing suited us and the amount of days was all we could give up as well.We just loved every minute… the flying part was much better than I thought and that was a pleasant surprise. The weather was kind too!Loved all the food and the accommodation and the places we visited were a dream come true for Steve and I.P1 and P2 were just lovely and thank God so skillful. We all loved the two bus tours too..Birdsville and Coober Pedy, what characters!You, also very relaxed and I never saw you get frustrated and annoyed…. Well done to you too David.Our Best wishes and we will certainly recommend your company to our friends… The trip was all we wanted it to be and more!   Lucky Us!!

“Our Lake Eyre & Outback Adventure was just a dream! We cannot thank you enough for organizing such a wonderful trip & we really could not fault a thing. It quickly became obvious that you go to a lot of trouble to make the trip a memroable in every way from the wonderful pilots P1 & P2, the local tours, accommodation, excellent hearty meals & the lovely characters at all our destinations. We had such a diverse fun group of people on the trip too (including yourself) which added to the great experience.Thanks again for such a great trip we will stay in touch……” Leigh, Brisbane Qld.

” A fabulous itinerary & thoroughly enjoyable. So pleased to have done this trip……” Heather, Melbourne Vic

” Excellent trip, especially the flight over the Coongie Lakes! Loved the Birdsville Hotel & cannot wait to come back for the races……” Evelyn, Adelaide SA

“As Australians, we should have done this trip before. It was all amazing!Put this one on your “Bucket List”……..!Lynda & Ken, Sydney NSW

Thats all folks until 2012. We will still take all inquiries & keep everyone posted on what is happening!