2012 Rains flooding Outback and Lake Eyre regions

Goyders Lagoon, 80km SW of Birdsville

What a deluge of rain that we have seen fall across nearly all parts of the country of late! There are many places that have received way too much rain across many areas but pastrolists in the Outback regions cannot hide the smiles as many of the station owners recorded their annual average rainfall over a few very wet days just 2 weeks ago.

The result from this is enormous as most have recorded very little rainfall in the last 12 months and this recent event has just encouraged more growth and feed for cattle and refilled every dam, waterhole, creek and another catchment area. As reported by South Australia’s 639 North and West Radio last Thursday,the rains have also filled Lake Eyre South and Australia’s inland sea, Lake Eyre North is all ready 60% covered with water that has been flowing in from the Cooper Creek on the eastern side of the Lake and via the Warburton Creek and Macumba River into the Warburton Groove from the northern parts!

The whole river system is amazing which extends far and wide through the top northern parts of Queensland, all the way down the Channel Country via the Diamantina, Thompson, Barcoo & Georgina Rivers (just to name a few) to the lowest part of Australia, Lake Eyre at -15m below sea level.

Our pilots Chris Pfitzner and Tony Schwerdt, have been flying around the countryside on some evacuation missions to the gas fields of Moomba and nearby outback town of Innamincka. They say that from the bottom of Lake Frome all the way to Moomba, the Sturt Stony Desert was a sheet of water! Lake Frome was full, the Cooper Creek flowing ( which it has been for 2 months now and getting fuller and faster) and between the sandhills there was water everywhere! Tony predicted back in early February that this season, due to similar weather patterns at the time,  was shaping up just like 1974- the last time Lake Eyre completely filled. I cannot argue with him as I was only just brought into the world at the time but from all the summer rains in the Eastern states, he may be well on the money.

For anyone who wants to keep an eye out on the current status of Lake Eyre, the Lake Eyre Yacht Club has a very informative page to keep you up to date and can be found here.

Our Lake Eyre and Outback  tours are all underway and it is going to be another action packed season up north. These flying safaris are exceptional and for more details, please click here to Goin’ Off Safaris web page for our itineraries, images, FAQ’s, blogs and other information.

Below are some images kindly supplied by our man on the ground (and air), Peter MacDonald- The Sentimental Bloke. His images are up stunning and up to date, to highlight the region at its best so stay tuned for more of his work.



Parachilna Creek

Parachilna Creek

Thunderstorm about to strike!