100 Colours of a Coffin Bay Sunset

Coffin Bay has some amazing sunsets…like these!

[simplerotator width=”600″ height= “400” order=”random”] /files/IMG_7628-e1336543059466.jpg, /files/IMG_7614-e1336543106856.jpg, /files/IMAG1161-e1336543120380.jpg, /files/IMAG1148-e1336543135684.jpg, /files/IMAG1136-e1336543153360.jpg, /files/IMAG1130-e1336543168108.jpg, /files/IMAG1100-e1336543183919.jpg, /files/IMAG1090-e1336543199693.jpg, /files/IMAG1089-e1336543214855.jpg, /files/IMAG1076-e1336543230795.jpg[/simplerotator]


Imagine sitting on the deck of your waterfront accommodation watching the sun set over spectacular Coffin Bay, while you nibble at a fresh seafood platter and a sip on a glass of award winning local wine . Sounds good doesn’t it? Then check out our range of packages, which can be tailored to suit you.